AC Power System Handbook, 3rd Edition

Disturbances on the ac power line are what headaches are made of. Outages, surges, sags, transients: they combine to create an environment that can damage or destroy sensitive load equipment. They can take your system down and leave you with a complicated and expensive repair job.

Advanced Reservoir Engineering

The primary focus of this book is to present the basic physics of reservoir engineering using the simplest and most straightforward of mathematical techniques. It is only through having a complete understanding of physics of reservoir engineering that the engineer can hope to solve complex reservoir problems in a practical manner. The book is arranged so that it can be used as a textbook for senior and graduate students or as a reference book for practicing engineers.

Cake PHP Cookbook

CakePHP is designed to make common web-development tasks simple, and easy. By providing an all-in-one toolbox
to get you started the various parts of CakePHP work well together or separately.